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Bathroom studio
About us


The logo of our family company evokes the pillars of healing water and mountain springs of the Tatras.

The design of the diamond-shaped logo represents a symbol of the purity of the crystal that heals the soul and body. Our family company Vodoarm, whose foundation was our dream and became a reality in 1996, is located in the metropolis of the East - Košice.

Our store
Our store

Beautifully lit exhibition spaces of the showroom, provide the bathroom studio with an excellent environment for the presentation of new trends. We provide a wide selection of tiles, faucets, faucets and showers, sanitary ware, bathroom furniture and additional assortment. Our vision is to make your bathroom a pleasant place to relax and relax your soul and body after daily stress, a modern wellness facility, hydromassage and shower systems. is to create a bathroom as an extraordinary place in your apartment or house, where you will feel extremely comfortable. In an effort to achieve the greatest possible satisfaction of our customers over the past 26 years, we strive to expand the range and improve other services.

  • Professional advice - you can always contact us with any question or request, we will be happy to answer and everything will be satisfied by our trained staff
  • Services of a bathroom designer - take the opportunity to consult an architect and look at the visualization of a bathroom created according to your ideas
  • Collection warehouse - we offer you our stock for immediate collection
  • Warranty and post - warranty service - we will provide you with professional service of technical products

We cooperate with foreign companies that offer trendy top designs of incomparable beauty with technologically advanced products. Vodoarm will continue to provide quality products and quality services to our customers. You are most welcome. - images.pageTitle